The Friendship Association has been cultivating relationships with Cuba’s artists and artisans for over 20 years. From our associations with specialists in art, history, and culture, and through discussions on the issue of the uniqueness of the cross-fertilization that created Cuban culture we published several unique and informative books: Baracoa: The Painters’ Magic, the first documentation of the thriving local artists’ colony and the Tibaracón movement; Baracoa a través de su historia urbana y arquitectura, a necessary document on Baracoa’s crumbling architecture; Sabor de Baracoa: Su Cocina Tradicional, the definitive book on the exquisite culinary traditions of the area, as well as numerous other educational books. The publishing branch of the Friendship Association is Ediciones Nuevos Mundos.

The Friendship Association supports cultural activities that provide a unique opportunity for local artists, students, and art historians to learn about influences that have nurtured Cuban art forms; to have access to the necessary tools for expression of their art; and for opportunities to exhibit in other cities of Cuba as well as abroad.



Luís Eliádes Rodríguez Martínez:

Guillermo Orlando Piedra Labañino:


R. Gabriel

Roel Caboverde Llacer:

Antonio Rojas Sánchez:

Leandro Noa Sotolongo:

Mildo Matos Carcasés:

Rolando Matos Camejo:

Rolando Estévez Gamboa:

Geolvis Gainza Lobaina (Vita):

Noel Coutín Lobaina:

Andrey Guilarte Romero

Ramón Domínguez Gainza

Andres Borges

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