Guadalupe Palacios Domínguez

4Guadalupe Palacios Domínguez’ engravings hang in the community gallery, the Casa de Cultura, in Baracoa. They had been brought there as part of a regional exchange from Bayamo’s cultural center.

According to this listing from, Palacios was born in Bayamo in 1987, and graduated in engraving from the Oswaldo Guayasamín School of Plastic Arts in Bayamo. She held her first solo exhibition in 2008 with the title Blue Roses in the Pequeña Dimension Experimental Workshop, in Bayamo.

She has participated in over 20 solo and group exhibitions and events held in her province, obtaining the second prize at the III Territorial Exhibition of Plastic Arts, Jiguaní, Granma, in 2005.

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