Joaquín Bolívar Thomas

16Born 1980, Santiago de Cuba, Joaquín Bolívar Thomas, in Santiago, has appeared in such international exhibits as the CT-International Print Biennial in Ontario in 2013. His works are currently on display at the “Centro de Creación, Promoción y Comercialización de las Artes Plásticas” in Santiago de Cuba.

He describes a serious side to his work. For instance, “Anidando,” which means ‘nesting,’ depicts the legs of people of many countries waiting “for a better world.”

“Some people say my work is sad, but I say what people don’t want to talk about because if no one talks, nothing ever changes,” Thomas said.

Joaquín studied art at the Academy of Art in Santiago de Cuba with a specialization in engraving. He has had several individual and various collective exhibits both in Cuba and abroad. He has won two first prizes and several honorable mentions.

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