Roel Caboverde Llacer

CaboverdeCaboverde (b. 1947) began his career as a graphic artist, then worked at the municipal Cultural Center as an art teacher. He furthered his studies at the School of Art in Guantánamo and opened his own studio/gallery where he paints together with his son and grandson. The gallery offers space to emerging artists and is a center for young aspiring artists who wish to study and learn Caboverde’s unique neo-cubist style. His works focus on a stylization of humans, which, while influenced by Guayasamin, contain a picaresque humor and eroticism not found in the great Ecuadorian master.

Caboverde has won prizes in numerous collective and individual exhibits. He was the official representative of the ten Baracoan artists whose works were exhibited at The Binding of Two Cultures in St Augustine, Florida and other galleries around the state and in North Carolina. His paintings were part of a roving exhibit titled Cuba Oriente: Contemporary Painting from Eastern Cuba, sponsored by the Meridian International Center, Washington, D.C. He is a noted muralist and has made several outstanding murals for the city of Baracoa.

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