Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria

Oscar Rodríguez Lasseria, (b. 1950) from Camaguey, is one of Cuba’s leading contemporary painter/ceramicists.

A graduate of art academies in Camaguey and Havana, Lasseria founded the Cuban Association for Cuban Artisans (ACAA). He has had many commissions for public works, including museums, office buildings, restaurants, and residences in Cuba and abroad, in particular, the entire interior of “El Cambio” bar within the UNESCO world heritage site’s historic center. Other notable installations include: Hotel Isla de Cuba, Camagüey; permanent collection of the Consejo Nacional de las Artes Plásticas (National Council of Art); permanent collection of Galerie Riff Art Project, Strasbourg, France; “Guajirigallo” Central park in Quemado de Güines, Villa Clara.

Oscar was an integral part of the Antillano Group that explored Afro-Cuban arts in the early 80s. With friend and teacher Nazario Salazar, Oscar co-founded the National Ceramics Biennial symposium in Camaguey, and the Movement for a New Artistic Ceramics.

His honors include the Fidelio Ponce de León Prize for lifetime achievement in 2007, and in 1999 the grand prize for ceramic art at the National Ceramics Biennial in Havana, Cuba.

He founded the project: “ARTE – CUADRA” in Camaguey and was a special participant in the ceramic mural project for the Capilla del Hombre (The Chapel of Man) by Osvaldo Guayasamín, in Quito, Ecuador.

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