Raúl Santiago Miranda Blanco (Miranda)

11Raúl Santiago Miranda Blanco, from Dos Caminos, Santiago de Cuba, (b. 1960) works as a ceramicist at the Caguayo Foundation but also carves in wood and works on canvas and graphics.

Self-taught, naïf artist, Santiago has won prizes in several local exhibitions and the prestigious Galería de Arte “Eliseo Osorio”. He participated in the collective exhibit “Cacao y Chocolate”, at the Julio Larramendi Gallery of the Hotel Conde de Villa Nueva in Havana and at the Collage Habana Art Gallery. Santiago was privileged to have a solo exhibit in the Cultural Center of Santiago de Cuba in 2012. His paintings are found in private collections in Germany, France, Italy, United States, and others.

His pieces are included in many municipal and cultural exhibitions, and he has won numerous honors at municipal art salons. He participated in the 9th International Symposium of Ceramic Arts in 2010.

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