Mildo Matos Carcasés (Mildo)

13Mildo Matos Carcasés, (b. 1962, Baracoa) is a leading artist from Baracoa. His principal points of reference are the origins of the Cuban and Caribbean Taino peoples. He paints abstract anthropomorphic and zoomorphic beings, geometric and schematic in form. He graduated in Guantanamo as a professor of art, but works out of his art studio “Atabey”. His love for anthropology transfers to his art in the form of Shamanic visions and aboriginal mythology.

He did the original illustrations for the book Curandero by Victor Oscar Perez and his painting was chosen for the cover of Baracoa de Cuba: The Painters’ Magic (2009). He is also one of the featured artists in the book. Mildo is president of Buren, an association of Baracoan potters that focuses on researching primitive methods of firing pottery and doing community outreach to teach ceramic making to children and people with special needs.

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