Yoel Rey Barroso

Yoel ReyYoel Rey Barroso (b. 1964) is a native of Maisí (province of Baracoa). He received his degree in Art and became a professor of art.

Yoel is presently the Director of the Eliseo Osorio Art Gallery in Baracoa. He specializes in painting on brown jute cloth using earth tones such as ochre, sienna and a multitude of reds and browns. His subjects reflect the times, customs, traditions, myths and legends of the region. The faceless peasants evoke a feeling of poetic harmony with nature.

Yoel has participated in over 50 group exhibits in Cuba, six international exhibits and eight one-man shows. He has won over 20 prizes and honorable mentions. Yoel’s works are in private collections throughout Europe and the U.S. and can be viewed on the French web page (http://perso.wanadoo.fr/baracoa.cuba/page26/yoel.htm).

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