Lawrence Zúñiga Batista (Zúñiga)

9Lawrence Zúñiga Batista, born in Baracoa in 1940, now lives with his wife in Santiago. He is an acclaimed naif artist, characterized by its childlike-simplicity and technique.

He is self-taught and prides himself on having developed a personal naif artistic style, often depicting oshun gods from the Afro-Cuban Yoruba religion.

Zúñiga’s work is in collections in France, Germany, Venezuela, Spain, the former Soviet Union and the United States. His awards include the Medal of Distinction for National Culture, the Baracoa Coat of Arms Gold Medal, the key to the city of Santiago de Cuba, and from Baracoa, the title “Illustrious Son.”

He currently is completing a series illustrating great operatic characters.

He is a member of the Union Nacional de Escritores y Artistas de Cuba.

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