(updated August 2006)
The concept of a Photographers’ Exchange came from James Quine after his last visit to Cuba. He was struck by both the artistic quality and adverse conditions of the Cuban photographers and he fell in love with the coastal town of Baracoa – crying out to be captured in time through a photographer’s lens.

The basic premise of this project was to explore the simple, remote culture of Baracoa, the oldest city in Cuba (established in 1511) through the lenses of two professional Cuban photographers and two outstanding Florida photographers.

James Quine and Theresa Segal, both St. Augustine photographers, traveled to Baracoa in early Summer, 2003. The Cuban photographers, Lissette Solórzano and José Martí, joined them from Havana and for two weeks they photographed this ancient Cuban city. Each artist approached the subject with their own manner creating an exhibition of 40 prints which illustrates their unique styles and explores the heart of Baracoa. The result is an exciting collection of photographs.

The exhibit was based on the concept of illustrating through photographic images the aesthetic and cultural values, and the evolution and development of Cuba’s first colonial settlement, Baracoa.

The history of Baracoa, Cuba, and St. Augustine, Florida, is intricately intertwined. Each town boasts the title of being the “oldest continuous settlement” in their respective countries.

Baracoa’s geographical isolation and Cuba’s struggling economy have left it, in many ways, frozen in time; relatively untouched by the global economy. The exhibit offered a unique opportunity for us to peer into our own past and perhaps understand it better.

This body of work traveled during 2004/2005 to a number of museums and universities. An attractive catalog is was published to accompany the traveling exhibit and is available through the Friendship Association.

Shared Vision is now housed permanently in the Brevard County Arts and Science Museum. It is a lasting document of this geographically unique and culturally rich historic city.