José Martí • Havana, Cuba


José Martí was born in Havana, Cuba on January 6, 1953. His father, an artist and photographer, was the inspiration for José’s interest in photography. In 1968 he began his career under the guidance of the photographer Alberto Korda, who taught him theory and gave him experience that contributed to his professional formation and artistry. His works have been exhibited in collective shows and personal exhibits in national and international galleries. He was won much recognition and a number of important prizes.

Style Description:

Jose Martí, like his mentor, Alberto Korda (most famous for his iconic portrait of Che Guevara), is a product of the humanistic social documentary tradition in Cuban photography. His forceful, evocative black and white images exhibit compassion, optimism and profound respect for the traditional character of society. In his Contrastes series, he uses dramatic tonal scale and placement to illustrate various aspects of the human condition.

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