Jo (Yosi) McIntire

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Friendship Association, Director/Treasurer
Musicians Across the Straits, Coordinator
Site Webmaster

Yosi McIntire spent the first 30 years of his life in Europe. He graduated from London University with a B.Sc. (Honors Degree) in Mechanical Engineering. More recently he earned a second degree in International Relations from American Public University.

Yosi worked with farming cooperatives for 10 years in central Italy, then spent ten years in human rights efforts in Central America (U.N. High Commission for Refugees in Honduras, Peace Brigades in Guatemala, Quakers in Nicaragua). From 1990 through 1994 he worked with the U.N. Development Programme, first in Rome and then in Manila, on a program designed to facilitate industrial exchanges between developing countries.

Yosi has served as Treasurer since the founding of the Friendship Association 15 years ago. He also has responsibility for Outreach.  He is coordinating the Across the Straits initiatives.

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