Lissette Solórzano • Havana, Cuba


Lissette Solórzano was born in Havana where she attended the San Alejandro School of Fine Art. Since graduating in 1986, she has worked as a medical photographer, photojournalist, photo curator and graphic designer. She continued her education through programs at Havana’s schools for photography and design. In 1992 she began showing her personal work with an exhibition at the Fototeca de Cuba and, that same year, a collective exhibition in Milán, Italy. Her work has been seen in museums and galleries throughout Cuba as well as in Mexico, England and the United States.

Style Description:

Lissette Solórzano takes an unflinching look at the Cuban social landscape in her black & white photographic exploration of patinated interiors and personal views of everyday life. A mixture of religious articles, family heirlooms and mundane household items give her interiors a private though familiar quality. Solórzano’s wide-angle portraits are direct yet sympathetic, allowing the viewer to comfortably study her subjects and their environment with grace and intimacy.

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