James Quine • St. Augustine, Florida


James Quine is a freelance photographer based in St. Augustine, Florida. His first professional experience was over twenty years ago as a photographer on archaeological excavations. He has gone on to specialize in museum and editorial work, and has had photos published in many national publications, including National Geographic, Scientific American and Archaeology Magazine. His book credits include Artifacts of the Spanish Colonies of Florida and the Caribbean and The Splendor of American Ceramic Art.

Mr. Quine began photographing Latin America in the late 1980´s during a trip to several Caribbean countries to prepare photographs for the book, Artifacts of the Spanish Colonies. He has since traveled and photographed extensively throughout the Caribbean, Central and South America and Mexico. The resulting photos, which make up Mr. Quine’s personal work, are an expression of his long-standing fascination with Latin-American music, language and culture. His work has been exhibited in museums and galleries and featured in a variety of publications.

Style Description:

James Quine works exclusively in color, photographing found scenes that include people and the artifacts of culture. His intuitive shooting style creates spontaneous, casually organized compositions, which aim to capture haunting or revealing moments in a transient world. The use of color is not casual or incidental, but integral to the meaning of each photograph.

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