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Musicians Across the Straits

Musicians Across the Straits (link to “Musicians” below) consists of a series of concerts that will be performed in Havana promoting social inclusion of intellectually challenged youth and in support the Cuban Quinta de los Molinos project.

Musician ambassadors (link to gallery)

Quinta de los Molinos (link to gallery)

Challanged Youth (link to gallery)

Filming Musicians Across the Straits (link to gallery)

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Famous Cuban Musicians (link to gallery)

Birding Across the Straits

Purpose and goals: to meet with Cuban environmentalists and biologists for the study of Cuba’s endemic species; to observe their habitat, the health of the populations and promote international efforts to protect migratory and endemic birds; to participate with our Cuban counterparts in the identification and counting of birds in a systematic way that will benefit local and international understanding in this field.

Paddling Across the Straits

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Larramendi’s Cuba (link to gallery)

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 Cuban Art

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Ana Maria exhibit (link to gallery)

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