Andrey Guilarte Romero

AndreAndrey Guilarte Romero was born in Baracoa in 1976. He is a member of the Archeological Society of Baracoa and is the resident sculptor for the Archeological Museum “Cueva del Paraiso”. He works in both stone and wood and has made stone sculptures for the creation of a life size community of Taíno people engaged in their everyday activities. Andrey is also a member of the Asociación de Artesanos de Cuba (Handicraft Association).

He uses precious woods to create a variety of unique and exciting sculptures both large and small.

He has exhibited at various galleries in Baracoa and participated in the National Guayacan competition. He has won several prizes and honorable mentions. He was a jury member for the First International Archeology Conference in Baracoa, 2003, for the Art and Sculpture exhibition.

His works are in private collections in Spain, the U.S., Italy and Switzerland and photographs of his sculptures appear in several prominent guide books.

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